Celebrating Women in Leadership

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Celebrating Women in Leadership

As we commemorate March as National Women's History Month and March 8 as International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight some of the invaluable contributions of women in leadership roles at InVision Human Services. We will be highlighting Founder and President, Ruth Siegfried; CEO, Kim Love; COO, Deb Hyatt-Burkhart; CHRO, Holly Wolk; and VP of Health Services, Marlene DAngelo. Their unwavering dedication and visionary leadership have been instrumental in shaping the organization's mission and fostering positive change for over 30 years. So, with National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8 in mind, let us learn about some amazing women leading our organization.

Ruth E. Siegfried, Founder & President 

Founded in 1992 by Ruth Siegfried, InVision Human Services emerged from a vision of innovation and customized support for people experiencing complex disabilities. Inspired by influential voices advocating for community-based care, she identified the unmet needs of people experiencing intellectual disability and autism, co-occurring with various psychiatric and other diagnoses. Ruth envisioned a comprehensive approach to person-centered supports, prioritizing customized services and community integration. With determination and compassion, she founded InVision to realize this vision, setting the stage for decades of transformative impact. 
Most recently, Ruth transitioned from her role as CEO to that of Founder & President. This allows her to focus her time on the challenge of leading advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill in Harrisburg, PA. She was integral in obtaining the inclusion of disability service provider priorities in PA Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024-25 Budget Address. Those priorities include funding for better DSP (Direct Support Professional) wages, and the continued efforts to create a more responsive, innovative, and person-centered approach to services statewide and nationally.   
“I find my inspiration stems from being a family member of people with disabilities, a former DSP myself, and as a friend of many people who experience disabilities. We will all experience some form of disability in our lifetimes, so let us always treat others as we want to be treated ourselves – with dignity, respect, and consideration for their abilities. Everyone has something to contribute, let us look for those things and celebrate them!” – Ruth Siegfried, Founder & President 

Kim Love, Chief Executive Officer 

Kim Love's journey at InVision spans over two decades, embodying the organization's commitment to person-centered services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism. Since transitioning from her role as Chief Operations Officer to CEO in late 2022, Kim has steered InVision with resilience and purpose. Under her leadership, InVision has challenged conventions and strengthened its relationships, ensuring high-quality supports and fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. 

In her tenure, she has introduced InVision’s new philosophy and guiding principles and implemented Quarterly Catch-Up town-hall meetings designed to increase transparency around InVision’s organizational priorities for office and front-line staff. In 2024 her focus will be leading us toward top-tier provider status when the new Office of Developmental Programs’ (ODP) Performance Based Contracting goes into effect.

“I am fortunate and thankful to have spent a significant amount of my career working in an organization that honors and is supportive of female leaders. Our work is best achieved when we remain true to ourselves and are surrounded by others with a shared passion and commitment for our mission and helping the people we support live their best lives.” – Kim Love, Chief Executive Officer

Deb Hyatt-Burkhart, Chief Operating Officer 

Deb’s tenure as Chief Operating Officer since early 2023 has been marked by a relentless pursuit of service excellence. With a decade of experience on the Board of Directors prior to joining the Executive Team, Deb brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. In her first year, she has played a pivotal role in navigating compliance discussions with ODP, solidifying our service programs, and reinforcing InVision's commitment to compliance, quality, and our guiding principles.
“This past year has been full of challenges and successes, and building a solid team has been a very rewarding experience. The dedicated people who work at InVision are inspirational and have been instrumental to our organization’s forward momentum. Leaders are only as successful as the team that supports them, and I am fortunate to have great people with whom I get to work.” – Deb Hyatt-Burkhart, Chief Operating Officer 

Holly Wolk, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Since joining InVision in September 2023, Holly Wolk has been instrumental in fostering talent development and inclusivity across the organization. Through talent development programs and initiatives, she’s brought with her, Holly is shaping a more inclusive and supportive environment at InVision. In her first six months she’s already made tremendous progress by getting out in the community and meeting directly with some of the people we support to better understand the type of talent we need to attract to best support them.

“When leading a team, I work to meet people where they are. In leadership roles, we can sometimes forget empathy when interacting with our teams. A leader should understand how to best communicate in a way that is genuine and positive. In my experience, understanding who you are as a person and leaning into your strengths makes you a stronger leader and allows your teams to bring their best selves to work, remain happy in their positions, and be more productive.” – Holly Wolk, Chief Human Resources Officer

Marlene DAngelo, Vice President of Health Services 

Marlene's leadership over the past 6 years in expanding InVision’s Health Services platform exemplifies the organization's commitment to strengthening the collaborative care model for quality driven services for the physical and mental health of the person’s and communities we are so privileged to serve. The health services team has expanded to include a Director, Consulting Psychiatrists, a Clinical Psychologist, and various therapists. On the Health Services team, you will also find a team of care managers/nurses and medical records specialists who work collaboratively with the residential teams to ensure direct access to community providers, pharmacies, and hospitals. 

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Marlene spearheaded the efforts to enhance telemedicine platforms that provide advantages to patients who can access services from their homes with more options for safety, privacy, and adherence to their ongoing treatment plans. Her dedication to providing accessible and comprehensive health services underscores InVision's commitment to customized holistic care and quality outcomes.

As we celebrate the achievements of women in leadership at InVision throughout the month of March and beyond, we recognize their profound impact on the organization's growth and success. Through visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to excellence, these remarkable women continue to inspire positive change and shape a brighter future for those with disabilities.

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