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Equal Pay for Equal Work

This interactive map above shows every news outlet that has published our "Equal Pay for Equal Work" advocacy articles - over 140 total! We've been really pushing for this because DSPs deserve a living wage and because Governor Wolf's 2022/23 budget proposal is currently sitting in the hands of the PA General Assembly for review and we're hoping to make an impact with them during this crucial time. Feel free to click on any logo to be taken to that publication's article and send your legislators an email using the button below. Thanks to everyone for your outstanding efforts!

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We stand together.

InVision has been advocating on behalf of people with intellectual disability and autism since our foundation. We established our Harrisburg office in 2018 to take a more direct approach to raising awareness of the issues impacting the people we support, their families, and our staff.

We collaborate directly with state and national associations to partner with and educate governmental agencies. We provide the necessary resources informing them on the issues affecting our communities so they may promote and lead progressive change through legislative action.

InVision actively participates in the public policy debates surrounding our industry. We face complex issues with courage and tenacity and work to encourage and facilitate effective legislation that will support our initiatives and help push our mission forward.

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Legislative Priorities

Increasing rates in the state budget to improve DSP wages.
Ensuring that the Department of Health provides the exact criteria and data used to develop rates for services.
Engage with the Office of Developmental Programs and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to identify ways that providers and the state can reduce barriers to competitive, integrated employment for people with ID/A.

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14 Jun 2021

Gary Blumenthal Inducted into ANCOR Foundation Legacy Leaders Circle

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6 Apr 2021

The American Rescue Plan: How the Latest Federal Funding Can Benefit the ID/A Community

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25 Jan 2021

Understanding ODP Rates

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