Introducing Monthly Team Member Spotlights

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Introducing Monthly Team Member Spotlights

Introducing Monthly Team Member Spotlights
Employee engagement plays a key role in the success of any organization. As an organization that strives to put people first, InVision believes this starts with celebrating all our team members.

Throughout 2023, InVision hosted various events and launched new initiatives including the update of our Philosophy and Guiding Principles, Team Member Appreciation Month, Quarterly Catch-Up open forums lead by our leadership team, and numerous Learning and Development opportunities. As we continue the momentum of the past year and embrace the communication and culture reflected in our Guiding Principles, we are excited to announce the beginning of our monthly Team Member Spotlights!

Celebrating the Successes of Our Staff

InVision has featured team members in communications in the past, and our leadership recognized the importance of highlighting our entire staff – leading to a revamp and relaunch of these efforts. This initiative's purpose is to develop connections between team members, build a sense of community, and celebrate personal and professional milestones among individuals and teams across our organization. Our goal is to encourage team members of all positions to celebrate their own successes and the success and accomplishments of their peers. 

Similar to the spotlights featured during our first annual Team Member Appreciation Month, InVision will collect staff submissions highlighting their colleagues. Submissions can range from speaking to character, display of our Guiding Principles, personal life events, and work completed as a team member of InVision. Scheduled to begin on March 8, InVision will share these submissions to all staff monthly, along with a display of new hires, years of service anniversaries, and NADSP graduates

Additionally, team members submitted for a spotlight will be automatically entered to win raffle prizes, with two winners randomly selected each month – one person from both our eastern and western locations. Raffle winners will have their choice of an InVision branded backpack, sherpa blanket, or vacuum tumbler. Each winner will also receive a vinyl sticker featuring our Guiding Principles, as well as a hand-written thank you card. 

We want to thank those who participated throughout February and submitted a spotlight as we began preparing for the first Team Member Spotlight communication. As this will be an ongoing occurrence, we encourage our staff to join us in celebrating one another by sharing their stories and experiences with other team members during the months to come!

Commitment to Staff-Centered Approaches 

Along with this campaign’s launch, InVision’s leadership plans to prioritize employee engagement through various future projects and initiatives throughout the year. This includes the development of an employee engagement committee. This group of InVision team members will consist of staff from all position levels who will come together in the planning and execution of staff-centered projects, advocate for staff needs and satisfaction, look toward the betterment of staff morale, and more. 

InVision is beyond thankful for the efforts of our dedicated staff. We are thrilled to take our appreciation a step further, starting with our Team Member Spotlights initiative, and we look forward to enhancing our person-centered culture as a united front of #allofus! 

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