Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Put People First

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Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Put People First

Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Put People First
As we welcome in the New Year, it is a time for reflection and resolve as an organization. We can consider the challenges we faced and how we collectively overcame them. In such a few short months, we can see the positive impact our guiding principles had on the entire InVision family.  
In December, Holly Wolk introduced Put People First, and I thought it would be worth recapping all of the examples of this very principle.  
  • Driven to a deeper connection within the company values.
  • Introduction of the guiding principles from day one of the employee experience.
  • The onboarding of great talent in every division.
  • Investment in training and the expansion of essential skills within our organization.
  • Open forums with leadership and employees. 
  • Teamwork and collaboration across every corner of the organization.
  • Increased investment in the communities we are privileged to serve.
  • Recognition of individual and organizational successes and accomplishments.
  • And a new year full of endless opportunities for all of us.
For me, this evokes a profound sense of pride and gratitude. May 2024 bring further successes to everyone in the InVision family.
Marlene Hughes
Vice President of Health Services

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