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Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Embrace Change

Our Guiding Principles at Work - We Embrace Change
Our eastern region operations team exemplifies our guiding principle of embracing change. That principle states that “we are agile, adaptable, and strategic as we overcome challenges and seek new opportunities.”

Our northeast region has faced significant challenges with regulatory compliance through much of this year, in addition to many staffing and leadership changes. Throughout these challenges, staff have continued working together, improving their processes and communication, and demonstrating our commitment to the people we support. They developed new approaches to monitor compliance and found ways to collaborate both internally and externally that have helped us to move forward. 
Recently, the team decided to initiate a mock audit of our homes. Supervisors conducted inspections of their peers’ homes and the results were presented at an “exit conference”. The willingness to give and receive feedback, the collaborative effort to address concerns and issues, and the enthusiasm and energy around getting it right helped propel us to a solid result in our September unannounced licensure visit. 

To some, change can be intimidating. At InVision, like the guiding principle states, we embrace it. We know we must continue to be focused on improvements and remain diligent in our efforts to ensure that all our homes are in regulatory compliance. This team, through hard work and perseverance, epitomize our guiding principles, and will continue to succeed in ensuring that the people we support live their best lives.
Deb Hyatt-Burkhart
Chief Operating Officer

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