Learning Shouldn't Always Happen in a Classroom

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Learning Shouldn't Always Happen in a Classroom

As an organization that supports people who experience intellectual disabilities and autism, it is our responsibility to ensure our team members in all positions are equipped with the proper skills and knowledge to complete their duties. This is where InVision’s Learning and Development (L&D) department comes in.
Here at InVision, we strive to offer environments that support a comfortable and recognizable space for learners, open and honest dialogue, and knowledge retention. Through InVision’s Learning Academy, L&D provides customized programs such as onboarding, annual regulatory skill development, professional development for leaders, and the NADSP Certification program for our DSPs.

2023: Year in Review 

In 2023, InVision’s L&D team provided our staff with structured and simplified learning plans based on each department and their role within our organization. Additionally, L&D tried something new and conducted in-home training sessions for DSPs upon the roll out of our newly implemented Electronic Medications Administration Records system, ChartMeds. To assist in the learning process, L&D adapts our educational approaches to overcome challenges and seek new opportunities. 
“Due to geography and coverage needs, it’s not always easy for DSPs to attend in-person sessions,” Dustin Pierce, one of InVision’s trainers, said. “As a learner-centered department, we seek to meet learners where they are. Learning with scenarios and practical objectives allows learners to apply what they’ve retained.” 
In-home training sessions had an immediate benefit to everyone involved, including the people we support who welcomed us into their homes. These sessions prompted noticeable changes in the strength of relationships, increased confidence, fewer questions related to the fundamental navigation of our systems, less errors, and more communication among staff when in need of help in certain areas. InVision is incredibly grateful to all our trainers, DSPs, and people supported who made this initiative possible! 


One of the focal points among our learning programs is the NADSP Certification Program offered to DSPs in pursuit of helping the people we support live their best lives. Since InVision launched the NADSP program in 2021, we have attained 30 Level-III graduates who serve as peer mentors to their colleagues currently enrolled in the program. 
We encourage DSPs to take this step in their careers and invest in their professional development. In support of this, our organizational goal is to gain an additional 50 certified DSPs by the end of 2023. We are currently about halfway to reaching this goal, and the overarching goal is to have all InVision DSPs earn this certification. However, we recognize that the NADSP program is no easy task; it requires 50+ hours of additional education and maintaining annual requirements. As such, we are beyond thankful and proud of our DSPs for taking this step in their careers.
Marleana McPeek, a recent Level-I graduate who has worked in the industry for 20 years, said the NADSP program served as an important refresher on knowledge she learned in the past—connecting previous trainings with real-life experience. Marleana described her NADSP experience as empowering, noting that the program challenged her to step out of her comfort zone and encouraged personal and professional development. 
“Compassion played a central role in my journey,” Marleana stated. “Compassion is not merely an emotion, but a driving force that informs the way we connect, support, and uplift others. The NADSP program emphasized the importance of empathy and building meaningful relationships with individuals with disabilities.”
Marleana looks forward to moving on to level two and plans to continue her training by taking 30 minutes out of her daily schedule to review and takes notes on the provided modules to reach her new goal.
“NADSP is very different from state regulated trainings,” Marleana added. “It may seem difficult at first, but there are people to help along the way. DSPs, push yourselves to complete this program! This is information that needs to be taught to DSPs.”

What’s in Store for 2024 

Earlier this year, InVision launched updated Guiding Principles to define our organizational culture and communication—reflecting how team members, people supported and their families, support coordinators, and other stakeholders experience our organization. L&D and InVision’s leadership team are working to develop educational workshops to help our staff implement these principles as we continue to build our organization on trust, honesty, respect, open communication, and shared accountability.
As we prepare for the new year ahead of us, L&D is will continue providing customized learning plans for each department, offer in-home training sessions, evaluate the onboarding process for all positions, and enhance leadership development. Along with these initiatives, the NADSP program will continue to be offered for free to InVision’s DSPs. 
“We are committed to being creative with our learning environments so team members can continue to build on their success within their roles,” Director of L&D, Erin Osborne, said. “We strive to be better in all aspects of our organization, and we want to celebrate our team members’ success in the moment as much as we can. Our approaches in 2023 have proved we have dedicated staff, and we look forward to the accomplishments of all of us in 2024.” 
DSPs looking to enroll in the NADSP program can visit the NADSP Certification page on our website or ask your supervisor for more details.

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