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About Us

Maybe it is owning your own home. A fulfilling career doing what you love. Going out on the weekends, gathering with friends, going for a walk, or simply relaxing.

At InVision Human Services, the power to make decisions is in the hands of the people we support. We provide the tools and environment needed to unlock the best pathway to their success, and we will stand with them every step of the way.

InVision Person Supported and DSP playing Jenga

Since 1992, InVision has provided highly customized services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and our person- and solutions-focused approach specializes in people who are experiencing significant life challenges. We believe in their inherent strength and potential to become successful members of their communities, and this drives us to do everything possible to help them live their best lives.

Their needs are unique; their support should be too.

InVision Person Supported Yuneen Shows Off her Pumpkin PieInVision embraces innovation through our customized support services. Designed specifically by and for the people we serve, they are founded upon listening, understanding, and establishing them and their family as the decision makers for their care. Teaming them up with our staff and their Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), we work together to uncover a support structure that provides a level of independence never thought possible.

When people are valued, heard, and respected, the heights they can reach are limitless.

We strongly believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and we demonstrate this daily from our business practices to our support philosophy for the people we serve. No matter their goals, we work tirelessly to ensure their supports are ready for them from day one to help them realize their vision of a meaningful, fulfilled life.

Vision. Mission. Values.

A future where all people are heard, their choices valued, and their life visions honored.
To build person-driven services with people who experience disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives.
  • We embrace inclusivity and treat all human beings with dignity and respect.
  • We are determined to act with integrity, knowing that doing so often requires courage and tenacity.
  • We choose innovation over convention.
  • We take risks, learn from the outcomes, and use that knowledge as an impetus for improvement.

Our Philosophy.

Relationships drive our success.

Trust, honesty, respect, teamwork, communication, perseverance, and a shared sense of purpose; these are hallmarks of any healthy, successful relationship. These qualities are also rooted in our approach to working together and how we support people with intellectual disabilities, autism, and mental health needs.

We are tireless in our pursuit of being better as individuals and empowered to identify ways that make us stronger as an organization. While we may come from diverse backgrounds and possess different skills and experiences, when we are united as a team, we can overcome any challenge. We are committed to accountability and taking responsibility for our actions; holding ourselves, and each other, to a higher standard.

We are strong advocates and inspire others to be more inclusive and understanding of all people. Every person and department at InVision work together to provide the people we support with the foundation they need to live the lives they deserve. We extend our person-centered approach, applying the same care, commitment, patience, and humility to each other. These truths are what define us, that at the heart of every success is a true, respectful, and meaningful relationship.

Our Guiding Principles.

InVision exists to provide the highest quality support to those we serve and help them turn dreams into reality. We’ve created a culture that supports, nurtures, and encourages everyone to be their absolute best and find joy and fulfillment in their work.
No matter how big or small we take time to honor the good work we do as an organization along with the accomplishments of those we support and our team members.
To each other, to ourselves, to the people we support. We hold each other to the highest standards, set clear expectations, and work as a team to exceed them.
We are part of something bigger than ourselves and do not do this work seeking glory. Our success is the result of the efforts of many, working together towards a common goal.
We are in constant pursuit of improving ourselves and the organization. When we’ve accomplished our goals, we ask, “what’s next?” and push ourselves to achieve even more.
We are agile, adaptable, and strategic as we overcome challenges and seek new opportunities.
As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.”

Sharing information and establishing trust through our communication allows everyone at InVision to feel a sense of empowerment and be an integral part of the organization.

We explain “the why” behind our decision-making so all team members understand their role and the impact of their efforts.
Embracing diversity and creating an environment of inclusivity where we value each other as individuals are aspects woven into the fabric of InVision.

We are considerate of and open to the opinions of others. We may sometimes disagree, but we do so with empathy and a commitment to listening, understanding, and collaborating to find the best possible solutions.