Inspiring a Better World Through Words

Inspiring a Better World Through Words

When you shut your laptop or return home from work for the day, what are some of the things you enjoy in your spare time? Maybe it’s gardening, cooking, drawing, or singing. Whatever you feel excited to do in your personal time – exploring your interests, hobbies, or finding creative outlets – one of the most joyful experiences we collectively have is expressing ourselves in ways that are unique to us. Throughout our lives, we are given the opportunity to identify these interests through our experiences as children, teens, and even as adults.
People who experience disabilities are no different. They desire to spend their time in a way that is meaningful to them and seek out their interests as they discover what they are passionate about. For Anthony, a person supported by Verland and an employee of InVision Human Services, his joy is found in watching horror movies, wrestling, cooking, and making music.

Introducing Anthony 

Anthony began his tenure with InVision back in December 2010 and has been an incredible asset to our team ever since. As the Scanning Clerk, Anthony scans paperwork to add all necessary information to our digital records system. He also helps with labeling folders, sorting and stamping invoices, collecting confidential papers for proper disposal, and even has experience working at the front desk; greeting those who visit the office, answering phones, and directing calls.
Bridget, an administrative assistant at InVision who oversees Anthony while he is at the office, describes Anthony as an extremely hard worker who is diligent in all tasks he completes. In addition to being an exceptional coworker, Bridget noted that Anthony is also a wonderful friend. Anthony is a happy, caring, and dedicated person who loves interacting with his colleagues – leaving smiles on the faces of every person he greets as he sees them around the office.  
“Anthony loves being helpful,” Bridget shared. “Anything he can do for InVision, he is willing to do.”
Anthony’s workspace at our corporate office is easy to identify to all who pass by. Staying true to himself, he decorates his workstation with wrestling posters and photos to create a space unique to his interests.

Anthony’s Rap Music

About a year and a half ago, Anthony was paired up with Direct Support Professional (DSP) Jake Grady from Allegiant Human Services – an organization dedicated to providing innovative and individualized community supports to people with disabilities. During their time together, Anthony and Jake have formed a strong relationship. The pair participates in activities Anthony greatly enjoys – such as karaoke, going out to eat, spending time at the park, and attending haunted cemeteries. Throughout what had become a weekly ritual of attending karaoke on Monday evenings, Anthony began to express interest in creating music.
“Making music together came naturally to us,” Jake stated. “Anthony expressed his need for an outlet and wanting to make music, and having experience with this in the past, I am happy to support him.”
For the past year, Anthony and Jake have worked toward bringing Anthony’s dream of making rap music to life. To write a song, the duo brainstorms together and take turns coming up with verses. Although it’s a joint effort, Anthony is the mastermind behind the lyrics and song titles, whereas Jake oversees the technical needs – including recording Anthony playing melodies on the piano, uploading the audio, and sharing the final product on YouTube.
Having experienced bullying in the past, Anthony chooses to write his music in a way that shares his story, expresses his feelings, and to help others. Anthony’s hope for his music is to help mitigate bullying and make the world a better place – with songs titled “Don’t Be a Bully” and “It’s Not Easy Being Me.”  
“I know Anthony has gone through some things in the past,” Bridget added. “For him to confront his feelings and the pain he has felt and try to give the world a view of how they should treat others is very admirable!”
Anthony says that making music makes him feel great, and that one day, he would love to help others make music as well. He encourages everyone looking to share their stories and feelings through music to take the leap and get started. Anthony’s musical journey reminds us that it’s never too late to try something new, and to pursue the things that bring us joy, as you never know who you might help along the way.
Keep up the great work, Anthony! We are so grateful for all the work you do for InVision and are proud of the bravery and creativity you display through sharing your music.
Check out Anthony and Jake’s Rap Channel on YouTube to show your support!

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