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Community Supports

The path to greater connections and meaningful lives.

InVision’s Community Supports Program delivers customized services to help people with disabilities accomplish daily tasks. The people we serve in this program don’t require 24/7 support; instead, they pursue interest-based activities and develop life skills with a trusted team of DSPs while working together to realize their visions for successful and meaningful lives.

Life visions become realities.

They come to us with a vision, and we help lay the groundwork for achieving it. Every person we serve in the Community Supports Program drives the customization of their support plan depending on their area of focus. Some people may need help with daily activities like paying bills, household maintenance, or meal preparation; others with navigating their community, scheduling appointments, or shopping for groceries.

We see beyond a traditional approach and do away with conventional expectations and outcomes. Every path to success is unique, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure each person we serve has the necessary support network in place to reach even greater heights.

InVision Community Supports hockey game