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The Doctor is in: IBH Welcomes New Tele-Psychiatrist


InVision Behavioral Health is rapidly expanding its reach in the surrounding communities, offering a unique service to people with disabilities who are dually diagnosed with a mental health condition. As part of its ongoing expansion, InVision Behavioral Health and the entire InVision family are pleased to welcome Dr. Sudeep Chakravorty to our organization as a telehealth psychiatrist. Dr. Chakravorty will see patients weekly as part of IBH’s restructured collaborative care model of behavioral health management.

A relatively new form of medical care, telehealth experienced a surge in demand during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. While IBH was just beginning to utilize telehealth prior to the pandemic, it was non-reimbursable service under Medicaid guidelines. Since many medical appointments moved online because of the risks associated with the pandemic, Medicaid changed its reimbursement policies to include telehealth as more providers began utilizing it.

After the pandemic demonstrated that telehealth is a successful alternative to in-person medical care, IBH is hopeful that Medicaid guidelines identifying telehealth as a reimbursable and necessary service will remain. IBH strives to meet its patients where they are, and telehealth helps accomplish that goal.

While working remotely, Dr. Chakravorty will integrate telehealth into IBH’s new collaborative care model while a nurse on location supports him and facilitates communication among all parties. Usually led by a patient’s primary care physician, the collaborative care model is a patient-centered, team model that integrates behavioral health management with general medicine services. A patient’s medical team works together to ensure the best, cohesive treatment plan.

Dr. Chakravorty’s medical experience transcends decades, continents, and languages. His storied career comprises private practice as a psychiatrist, consulting appointments on medical boards, and professorships at medical colleges including the University of Pittsburgh.

A native of India, Dr. Chakravorty studied at Bombay University where he obtained several post-graduate degrees in psychiatric medicine and neurology before completing residencies in Bombay, India and Buffalo, New York. Through his many research experiences and training courses, he developed a special interest in psychiatric care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and he’s spent much of his career dedicated to sharing his knowledge of psychiatric medicine via participation in various medical studies, books, and speaking opportunities.

As a busy medical professional, Dr. Chakravorty spends his spare time focusing on rest and relaxation.


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