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Beyond the Viewfinder

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and Tony expertly captures this metaphorical essence with each snap of the shutter.

Equipped with a camera and frequenting the Carnegie Museums, Phipps Conservatory, and the Heinz History Center with his team, Tony developed an interest in photographing the world around him. The displays at the museums show how there truly is magnificence in the mundane, and he was determined to depict his ordinary world in his own extraordinary way.
Tony sitting on a loveseat smiling while holding up his brand-new camera
“[Tony] thoroughly documents each trip with his camera and has a real eye for detail, framing, color, and perspective,” Sue Kelly, a behavioral specialist at InVision, said. “It has been a tremendous benefit for me to take into consideration the true importance of not only letting someone explore things at their own pace and in their own way, but also having access to things that are educational, interesting, calming, and beautiful for everyone.”
But when Tony’s camera broke, he suddenly lost interest in these moments. He didn’t want to leave his house or find another hobby. Nothing struck him quite like photography, so his team wasn’t sure what to do.
InVision is dedicated to creating solutions for the people we support when barriers prevent them from achieving their vision of a meaningful life. InVision Foundation creates grant opportunities and other programs designed specifically to meet the immediate needs of the people we support. Tony’s team applied for a grant from the Foundation to purchase Tony a new camera and were able to present it to him on his birthday.

“Tony loves his new camera,” Sue added. “We on his team know that this will help him tremendously—thank you so much to InVision Foundation!”
Tony sitting cross-legged taking a photo of purple flowers in a brick-lined flowerbed at Phipps Conservatory
Donations to InVision Foundation make experiences like Tony’s possible. Each gift to InVision Foundation enables us to create these types of solutions for the people we serve. It’s more than just an item or experience—it’s the impact these items or experiences have on their pursuit of meaningful lives.

Tony was well-known at the Carnegie Museums and other picturesque locales in Pittsburgh as a charming gentleman who is always happy to see his friends and spend time taking pictures. With his new camera, he can continue to delight his friends, his team, and himself with all of the wonderful photos he has yet to take.

You can help create experiences like Tony’s for every person we support. Learn how by checking out InVision Foundation or donating today.

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