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Creating Joy through Art

There’s nothing more rewarding than mastering a new skill. Sure, we pursue our hobbies for fun, but there’s also that unmistakable satisfaction in setting a goal to learn something new and achieving it. So when Natasha encountered the chance to expand her artistic knowledge, she knew she couldn’t miss it.

Natasha has pursued art as both a medium for self-expression and as a hobby for years, but there was one technique she’d always wanted to learn: Watercolor. After a friend told her about a workshop series at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley focused on teaching artists about watercolor painting, she immediately informed her team that she wanted to sign up.

Only there was one problem: The workshop wasn’t free, and they also had a bring-your-own-materials policy. Natasha couldn’t afford the fee or the materials, so she was suddenly at a loss. It wasn’t until she learned from her team about InVision Foundation’s Meaningful Lives grant that she finally got really excited.

InVision Foundation implemented its Meaningful Lives grant for situations exactly like Natasha’s. InVision recognizes that various economic barriers often exclude people with intellectual disability and autism from the same opportunities as everyone else to enjoy their hobbies, recreation, entertainment, vacations, and more. We want the people we support to enrich their lives with experiences that bring them joy, because they’re vital to the health and well-being of all people.

Natasha's watercolor paintings from her class. There are three paintings: One depicting a red bottle, one depicting yellow trees on a shoreline, and one depicting a blue abstract image.

Natasha was thrilled to hear that she was selected to receive a Meaningful Lives grant. Her team helped her sign up for the workshops and purchase materials, and she loved every minute of the classes. Her newfound technique will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the kind of art she creates, and we’re excited to see what she does next.

You can help create opportunities like Natasha's for the people we support. Learn how by checking out InVision Foundation or donating today.

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