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Abdul Vonu Wins "We Are Worth It." Award

Congratulations to Abdul Vonu, Program Supervisor, for winning Frontline Manager of the Year for the Eastern Region at the 2021 PAR Solutions Conference. This award is part of PAR’s “We Are Worth It.” segment which “honor[s] outstanding Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who have demonstrated extraordinary and innovative support and action that lead people with intellectual disability and/or autism to live meaningful and inclusive lives”.

This year’s “We Are Worth It.” awards are particularly special because each story is punctuated by the challenges brought on by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Abdul’s enthusiasm and strength to make the most out of less-than-ideal situations remind us of the value of exceptional and effective leadership in times of hardship.

Nicknamed the “Energizer Bunny”, Abdul’s seemingly infinite energy and passion for supporting the people we serve has helped his teams navigate a difficult year. His knowledge and experience are readily accessible to the DSPs he supervises, and he rallies behind them to ensure they’re meeting goals and providing the highest quality services possible.

Abdul’s deep understanding of the issues caused or exacerbated by the pandemic has helped him and his teams succeed. Always prepared with personal protective equipment, he’s ready to jump into action when staffing needs aren’t met so that no person we serve goes without the support they need. Whenever there’s a need at InVision, Abdul is the first person who comes to mind for everyone.

During stressful situations, Abdul’s calm and dignified professionalism keeps his teams grounded. He’s sharply cognizant of when staff or the people we serve need emotional support and keeps a few good jokes up his sleeve to break the tension when necessary.

Deeply focused on creating engaging experiences for the people he serves, Abdul remains at the ready with a plethora of ideas to keep things interesting throughout the pandemic. His steadfast determination to elicit successful outcomes for his teams is evident through everything he does, and we’re grateful for his continued service to our organization.

Congratulations, Abdul, on your remarkable achievement!

Banner image courtesy of PAR.

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