We've asked our staff, supported individuals, and their families about their experience with InVision. Here's what they said:

From a direct support professional with InVision, in reference to the Spotlight on DSPs program:

Only at InVision can you be rewarded for just doing the job you are supposed to do. I am honored to be part of a great group of people who are always looking out for and caring for others.

From a direct support professional with InVision:

I will continue to work to the best of my abilities, and I am especially committed to help the individual I support, Harold B., whom I love so dearly, meet his goals.

From a scheduler with InVision in an email (edited for length and to protect the privacy of the individuals mentioned):

When the training group broke session Vicki stayed back and started talking about Emily, whom she supports 40hrs per week. She was marveling on how our approach really works and the concept of 1:1 support makes such a huge difference. Vicki was a teacher in this type of setting but it was 3:8 ratios. Vicki started to cry when talking about the strides Emily is making and I smiled and said this is what we do; make strides. Emily, it turns out, does not communicate in a traditional way, but just the other day she vocalized an entire song that was playing on the radio and neither Vicki or Emily’s mother had seen this before. Vicki stated "the independence she has seen Emily empowered with and the concepts of Voices and Choices only reinforced what she was doing for Emily and provided her with a couple new ideas to try." Vicki also stated that for over 2 decades she was proud to do what she does but it was not until she came to InVision that she felt honored to be doing what she does.

What makes this story even better and more powerful? Remember that Vicki has been in this field for the past 21 years in an 3:8 setting? Well, 1 of the 8  people she supported & spent those 21 years with was Emily! Vicki, in six months with InVision, was telling me the strides Emily was making were ones that she never had or could have done in the previous 21 years. The tears were for what Emily is doing and for what she could have been doing all along, had we found each other sooner. Amazing.

From a program supervisor with InVision:

Working with such wonderful people who are truly dedicated to improving the lives of the individuals that we support is amazing.  It is great to be able to laugh with the people you work with, and I feel truly blessed and honored to work in such a great place.

Received in an email (edited for length and to protect the privacy of the individuals mentioned):

My children and I were bowling today, and there were four or five groups of children and InVision staff in lanes to the side of us.  The scene was so encouraging and peaceful. With so many children, this was a marvel to my eyes.  The children were very well-behaved, and I am sure that that has a great deal to do with the staff who were leading them in the activity as well as the children themselves.

Closest to us was a leader encouraging the children to stay in their own lane when they wandered into ours.  She was friendly and positive but corrective of the inappropriate behavior.  She worked so diligently to provide a good experience for the children! 

I don’t usually observe others in such close detail, but her ability to maneuver so many children so positively was very impressive.
  I really hope you will let your staff know that they are serving as important and loving role-models for the children they work with, and that as far as one unbiased observer is concerned, they are doing a fabulous job!

From an administrative assistant with InVision:

The work we do is ever-changing and always challenging.  We have some of the best and brightest employees in our field, and opportunities to sharpen your skills are many because InVision encourages professional development for all employees.

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