Vendor Partnership: Candy & Noah Julius

Vendor Partnership: Candy & Noah Julius

Fourteen years ago, InVision’s Facilities Manager, Gary Boughamer, turned to the Yellow Pages in search of maintenance workers to support our residential homes in the eastern region. On the other end of the call, Candy and Noah Julius answered, assessing the needs at hand and offered their services. All these years later, Gary—now InVision’s Facilities Director—feels confident in repairs done in the area, as he knows Candy and Noah will always put forth a job well done. 
Vendor relationships play a critical role in the success of InVision’s mission of building person-driven services for people who experience disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. This is especially true when maintaining safety and the highest standards in our residential homes. 

Making Houses feel like Home

Together, Candy and Noah have been in the maintenance industry since 2007—specializing in home repairs and limited scope renovation projects, such as room flooring, painting, refinishing, and custom repairs. Over the years, Candy and Noah began to set aside outside client work as a full-time working relationship with InVision developed, offering flexibility to travel out to houses in need across the Northeast and Southeast regions. 
Candy and Noah have overseen countless projects working with InVision, completing their work with the highest level of professionalism and quality even when emergencies arise. The duo has supported our facilities department in providing safe and sustainable houses for the people we support with one clear vision in mind: making houses feel like home. 
“I enjoy setting up houses top to bottom,” Candy said. “I love working on everything; painting the whole house, putting in new floors, fixing things that may not be working properly. We have done two or three full-home setups recently, and it’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding to see the end result.” 
Candy and Noah are reliable, trustworthy, and skilled vendors, but what sets them apart from other providers is their alignment with our organizational philosophy and values. Candy and Noah display a strong sense of compassion and empathy toward others, maintain creative and effective problem solving, and possess a powerful understanding of putting the needs of persons supported first.  
“The Julius’ showcase a deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by the people we support and actively involve them in the solutions they offer,” Gary stated. “Their sincerity, honesty, and genuine nature contribute to a positive and trustworthy working relationship.” 

More than a Vendor: A Partnership 

When posed with the question “What is the best part of working with InVision?” Candy and Noah agreed on the close-knit relationships they have established with the people we support and InVision staff.
“We have grown a strong relationship with everyone involved,” Noah shared. “Gary, who is in Pittsburgh, calls us out in the East and has confidence in us, even from so far away. We trust InVision, they trust us, and we love this kind of work.” 
Candy also touched on their interactions with the people InVision supports, noting how special it is that persons supported get to know and trust them, too sharing that the people supported often come running out to see them, give them hugs, and form bonds in their own unique ways. 
“It was such a pleasure for Gary to call us back in the beginning,” Candy added. “It is a pleasure to work for InVision; not many people have the chance to do the type of work we do with this company. We appreciate it so much, because it is full-time work, but it is also a working relationship built on trust.”
The Julius’ full-time employment with InVision allows for the couple to have more of a work-life balance and enjoy projects of their own at their shared home in York County—a home that Noah built for the two back in 1993. Candy and Noah both grew up close with their families and enjoy things such as farming, landscaping, painting, and adding a homey feel to their work. 
Thank you, Candy and Noah, for all your contributions to our Residential Program. It is so greatly appreciated, and we look forward to what the future has in store for our partnership! 
InVision Foundation is grateful for the many vendor partnerships who also charitably support our programs and initiatives like our See Beyond Independent Living Fund. Their and your support enables the people we serve in our Residential Program to live in their own houses, receive necessary maintenance, safety and security, and capital home improvements. You can learn more about this fund and other ways to donate by visiting the Foundation page on our website. 

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