Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Strive To Be Better

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Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Strive To Be Better

Our Guiding Principles at Work | We Strive To Be Better
As the Director of Property and Technology Services, I am continually inspired by our unwavering commitment to service. Our guiding principle, "We strive to be better," isn't just a mantra—it's a deeply ingrained philosophy that guides our daily operations.

For us, the pursuit of excellence is not a destination, but a journey marked by a series of advancements and setbacks. With each setback, we learn, grow, and strive to do better as we develop new strategies to adapt to a dynamically changing environment. It's about identifying areas where we can enhance our processes, systems, and mindset to better serve our organization and the individuals we support, setting goals, creating and managing plans, and making deliberate efforts to improve.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the operational plans crafted by our Information Technology (IT) and Facilities teams. These plans outline our project initiatives for the coming months, serving as roadmaps for progress. During our planning process, we acknowledge our past shortcomings while focusing our current energy on the future path forward. Along the journey, we do make time to celebrate incremental achievements, which fosters a positive team culture.

Consider our approach to managing computer equipment, for example. In the past, we utilized three separate systems for device management—a process that was both time-consuming and cumbersome due to the lack of integration. Recognizing the need for efficiency, we embarked on a journey to find a better solution.

Through collaboration and ingenuity, we identified a comprehensive device management system that integrates all functions into one seamless platform. This new system not only streamlines our IT operations and improves device security but also empowers our IT technicians to devote more time to user engagement and support.

In tandem with our IT initiatives, our Facilities team has also made significant strides towards being better at what we do. We recently completed phase one of our new fleet management system, a testament to our dedication to modernizing our fleet and ensuring optimal vehicle reliability. By adhering to a rigorous strategy encompassing regular vehicle replacement, streamlined maintenance and repair processes, efficient payment procedures, and safety measures, we're poised to provide vehicles that meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

As we move forward together, let us embrace change and innovation, understanding that they are not merely about improvement, but about our collective commitment to be better, to do better in every aspect of our important work.
Gary Boughamer
Director of Property & Technology Services

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