A Full Year of Birthday Bonanza!

A Full Year of Birthday Bonanza!

The way we choose to celebrate our birthdays each year is part of the excitement of turning another year older. Whether throwing a party, dining at a favorite restaurant, or spending time with friends or family, our interests and how we celebrate a new age are inherently different for everyone. Celebrating birthdays can be accomplished in many ways, but what’s important is that we get to choose how we make our birthdays special to us.
People who experience disabilities are no different in their desire to celebrate their birthdays in a way that is unique to them. However, they often face financial barriers and a lack of resources or family close by to help these birthday wishes come to fruition. InVision Foundation’s Birthday Bonanza program was created to overcome these hinderances, providing the people supported by InVision with the means necessary to celebrate their birthdays in a way that is meaningful to them.
About a year ago, InVision Foundation announced the launch of its full-time Birthday Bonanza Program after the success of the pilot program that ran from January through June 2023. The launch of the full-time program began in July 2024 and came with a few changes to that of the pilot program. Instead of purchasing physical gifts, Birthday Bonanza now distributes $200 gift cards to those we support during the month of their birthdays – allowing flexibility and the opportunity to decide how the funds are spent.  
Through the first year of the full-time program, gift cards were distributed to 180 people supported. Over the last 12 months, Birthday Bonanza funding has been used to purchase items such as new clothing, notebooks and pens, home décor, snacks, accessories, movies, and sporting equipment. Additionally, Birthday Bonanza gift cards helped support birthday parties, meals at a restaurant of choice, tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins game, and more.
As we prepare for this program's continuation, scheduled to renew on July 1 of this year, we want to share some of the memories that Birthday Bonanza helped make possible for the people we support!

Ana’s Birthday Party

Ana celebrated her 40th birthday by throwing a karaoke dance party at our corporate office. With her Birthday Bonanza gift card, Ana purchased decorations, a birthday cake, and her choice of snacks in which she enjoyed with her friends in attendance.

Michael D.’s Birthday Dinner

For Michael’s birthday, he chose to dine at his favorite restaurant. Michael was also able to try a few new restaurants and found home décor he liked to display around his house! 

Elisa’s Birthday Party

Elisa and her support team utilized Birthday Bonanza funding to plan and purchase birthday foods, drinks, cake, and a present for Elisa to enjoy at her birthday party.

Natasha’s Birthday Dinner

Natasha enjoyed a hibachi dinner with her support staff – an experience she had always wanted to have, as the chef prepared the meal in front of her. Also, Natasha bought herself gifts and had a joyful birthday full of laughs and happy memories!

Dustin’s Hobbies

Birthday Bonanza allowed Dustin to pursue some of his hobbies. Dustin bought gardening supplies, candy and other snacks, and a soccer net for his house.

Michael S.’s Trip to the Mall

For Mike’s birthday, he went shopping at the mall – picking out three Chicago Bulls hats and a new cup. Mike also used the remaining balance of the gift card for two packs of his favorite soda, dinner at Subway, and toy cars!

Daniel’s Shopping Trip

With his gift card, Daniel enjoyed picking out new clothes, cologne, and a notebook and pens. He greatly enjoys writing in his notebook every day and was very happy to go shopping and pick out things he wanted!

Maleta’s Birthday Party

Maleta and her support team planned and hosted a birthday party for Maleta, using the Birthday Bonanza funds to acquire decorations, cake, and snacks for Maleta and her friends to enjoy at the party.
InVision Foundation is thankful to its donors who make programs such as Birthday Bonanza possible – without the generosity of our donors, the people we support would not have such opportunities. We are also thankful to our direct support staff who share impact stories and photos of our Foundation funded programs, as internal feedback directly impacts our ability to continue these programs.
For more information and ways to donate, please visit the Foundation page on our website.

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