Birthday Bonanza

InVision Foundation received a grant to pilot a new program – Birthday Bonanza – for the people we support. Each person supported with a birthday from January 2023-June 2023 can request something special (up to $250 value) for their birthday.


  • Only a person supported by InVision Human Services may receive this funding.
  • If the requested birthday wish requires support team accompaniment for fulfillment, birthday wish funding may be directed to pay for the necessary support team.
  • Funding is not to be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, adult entertainment, or illegal substances under any circumstances.
  • Awarded funds must be used solely for the intended purpose outlined in the approved request.
    • If awarded funds cannot be used for the intended purpose outlined in the approved request, the funds must be returned to the Foundation.
  • Any item (including tickets or passes for an experience) purchased with awarded funds are not to be resold for personal profit or gifted to another person or organization within one year of receipt.
  • Requests must be completed by a supervisor or their designee.
  • Once a birthday wish request is submitted, a manager must review and approve it before fulfillment.
  • Foundation and Finance team members will work with each person and the supervisor/designee to fulfill their request.
    • If the person supported wants to put the money toward a larger purchase, the Foundation will make the check payable to them; if they don't have a personal ID, a payee name must be provided.
      • The check will be given to the supervisor (sent to the Eastern office) who will deliver it to the recipient.
      • All expenditure receipts must be scanned and emailed to with "Birthday (last name)" in the subject line.
    • If the person supported would like to purchase something outright (an item or experience), a web link to the item or experience must be provided; Facilities will purchase the item or experience.
  • This is a pilot program with the possibility of renewal if we demonstrate impact.
    • Please capture a photo or two of the recipient enjoying their Birthday Bonanza birthday wish. Send your photos to and share your story or quote(s) with the Foundation by emailing with "Birthday (recipient last name)" as your subject line.

Examples of how you might fulfill a birthday wish include:

  • Having a birthday party at your house.
  • Buying a special cake.
  • Going out to dinner.
  • Putting money toward an item you’re saving money to purchase.
  • Having an experience (concert tickets, museum, theater tickets, sporting event, etc.).
  • Buying an item for your house.
  • Purchasing clothing.

Please provide brief answers to the following questions:

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