InVision 2023 Leadership & Years of Service Awards

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InVision 2023 Leadership & Years of Service Awards

It is our pleasure to announce the 2023 Leadership Award recipients! The InVision Leadership Awards represent a time for us all to reflect on the astounding accomplishments and dedication of the employees at InVision. Each year, we recognize the nominees and recipients of the Leadership Awards and congratulate them on their achievements. Please join us in celebrating our 2023 recipients! 

Dr. Carolyn Hoffman Leadership Award: Presented yearly to an employee who demonstrates leadership by working collaboratively toward resolution of problems, accepting accountability, and exhibiting InVision’s values of positive approaches, and has been with the company for at least one year.

East: Dorcas Duker - Team Leader
West: Vinnie Ventresca - Systems Analyst

John Pfab Rookie of the Year Award: Presented yearly to an employee who demonstrates the values and practices associated with InVision’s positive approaches philosophy and is within their first year of service with the company. 

East: Amanda Redcay - Administrative Assistant
West: Nathan Brown - Team Leader

Ruth E. Siegfried Shaping Our Future Award: Presented yearly to a direct support professional who demonstrates consistent excellence in leadership, modeling collaborative approaches to problem resolution, searches for opportunities to learn and to teach others, and demonstrates commitment to InVision, and has been with the company for at least one year.

East: Zena Ezekiel - Team Leader
West: Vicki Fountain - Team Leader

Pursuit of Excellence Award: Presented yearly to a supervisor, behavior specialist, or similar-level staff member who consistently seeks to expand professional abilities, demonstrates effective judgment, accepts accountability, and suggests methods and procedures to improve operations and generate positive results for the department and for InVision, and has been with the company for at least one year.

East: Kenneth Williams - Behavioral Specialist
West: Terry Swanson - Signals Residential Program Supervisor

As we celebrate the 2023 Leadership Award recipients, we want to give a special thank you to our nominees for their hard work as well. Thank you, nominees, for all you do for InVision!

Erin Babilon
Marty Kukol
Dena Scaltz
Ricki Furr
Jackie Holmes
Melissa Flaherty 

Lastly, please also join us in celebrating our team members who have reached a new milestone in their Years of Service with InVision. Team Members awarded the Years of Service Award will receive a pin and personalized certificate, as well as gift cards for those hitting 15 years, 20 years, and 25 years. Thank you to our 2023 Years of Service recipients for your commitment to InVision and the people we support!

10 Years of Service 

Brandon Colter
Katherine DeNunzio
Michale DiTomassi
Samuel Ensah
Alfred Fofanah
Brian Hesse
Jeremiah Jackson
Ibrahim Jalloh
Alusine Kamara
Abdul Kiawu
Vincent Masenge
Shanna Moore
Assemian NGanza
Handsome Sibanda
Teresa Stevenson 
Stanley Aisien
Teron Allen
Scott Baptiste
Tandra Jones
Holly Kalkhof
Steven Linhart
Merari Lopez
Robert Noerr
Moffat Shaba
Simone Short

15 Years of Service 

Theresa McGruder
Dianne Bennett
Darnell Davis
Otis King
Martin Kukol
Dustin Pierce
Craig Sipple
Paul Young

20 Years of Service

Jeffrey Truxell – Jeff has a long history with InVision and has been instrumental in several roles during his tenure with our organization. Jeff is dedicated, consistent, and has had a remarkable impact on a couple of people in particular within Community Based Programs. Jeff has the skill and capacity to support anyone within the program and is a force behind the services we provide. He understands regulatory requirements and ensures he is always up to date before they become due. Jeff is valued beyond what words can express! 

25 Years of Service 

Erin Babilon – Erin began her tenure with InVision Human Services in June of 1998. Through the years, Erin has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of people establish, maintain, and live the life they want in their community. Erin has played many roles in the course of assisting people—stepping into the role of a counselor, an accountant, a cheerleader, a life coach, and most importantly, an advocate. Her ability to meet a person where they are while helping them also see the possibilities of where they could be is amazing! Erin is a gentle force that inspires simply by just being there. She is never one to give up even during the most challenging situations. If you asked her why she doesn’t give up, her response would likely be, “if I can’t see the potential for someone, how am I ever going to help them see it.” Erin adapts to each situation and is truly a role model.

Kenneth Rudek – Kenneth began his tenure with InVision Human Services in November of 1997. A professional was taking on a second job in a wraparound program. He would be working with a 9-year-old boy with an intellectual disability—little did the boy and his family know the lifelong impact this professional would have on their lives. 25 years later, Ken is still providing supports to this young man. The family, and InVision, will be continually grateful to Ken for ensuring this young man had and continues to have the opportunity to live his life of meaning in his community. 

Thank you, InVision, for helping us celebrate the accomplishments of our team members! To all our recipients, nominees, and employees who consistently demonstrate leadership qualities while serving as organizational role models, we are sincerely grateful. You are all so greatly appreciated for your dedication to InVision, and the contributions you bring to our organization. 

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