Compliance: Maintaining Standards of Excellence

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Compliance: Maintaining Standards of Excellence

Compliance: Maintaining Standards of Excellence
As a non-profit organization that works directly with people experiencing intellectual disabilities, autism, and mental health needs, InVision Human Services holds its team members to the highest standards of compliance. Although we encourage our staff to resolve any questions or concerns with their direct supervisors or the Human Resources department, we also recognize that there are times that may require anonymous reporting of violations. Compliance is essential in maintaining the structure of our daily operation and is critical to our company’s long-term sustainability and our organization’s reputation.

See Something, Say Something

InVision’s new compliance hotline is available as a resource for our team members to utilize for anonymously reporting concerns that have not been resolved through regular channels. It is important to note that this platform does not replace the mandatory reporting that is required of all InVision staff. Rather, this is a platform for staff to report on the behavior of others regarding fraud, waste, and abuse of government funding, HIPAA violations, and any other concerns that a person may not feel comfortable taking to their direct supervisor.

 As our team members also serve as the eyes and ears of the ongoings within our organization, it is the responsibility of everyone who works with InVision to recognize compliance violations and the steps necessary to find a resolution. All reports made through the compliance hotline are taken seriously and are thoroughly reviewed and investigated by the proper departments.

Sending a Message

“Having a variety of reporting avenues sends a message to all people, internally and externally, that we are committed to doing what’s right both for our employees and for those we support,” InVision CEO, Kim Love, said. “It’s important that reportable incidents as defined by regulation and company policy continue to be reported immediately through operational leadership, but the compliance hotline can be utilized for all other compliance issues, if an employee isn’t comfortable using the internal chain of communication.”

Our goal is to continue creating a comfortable work environment where our team members feel secure in their relationships at InVision while also adhering to compliance guidelines. By providing a place for staff to report issues, we are taking the steps necessary to ensure the safety of the people we support, our staff, and the overall organization.

“With the role out of the new compliance hotline information, we’re making a shift and providing it as a resource for employees to utilize to report any number of compliance issues,” Kim Love added. “Previously, we’ve described the use of the hotline specifically to report suspicions related to fraud, waste, and abuse of governmental funding. Now we are expanding that and offering it as another mechanism for employees to utilize to report any compliance concerns they may have.” 

Accessing the Compliance Hotline

The compliance reporting platform is a resource for InVision employees and can be found via UKG under Myself > My Company > Company Info and can be found on the top left corner of the page, or by calling (877) 767-7781. When calling, please have a pen and paper available to keep track of all essential information regarding the claim. Although all claims are completely confidential, providing a contact number for updates regarding a claim is preferred.

As a reminder to InVision staff, please ensure you are continuing to meet compliance guidelines. All compliance breaches must be reported to leadership or submitted through the hotline to ensure our continued success in the industry. Thank you for helping us maintain the standards of excellence we have in place for our organization. 

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