Residential Program


Ana_V._and_DSP_Caniece_Clinkscale.jpgNate has been in InVision’s program for almost two years without ANY verbal or physical aggression, which have been historically problematic behaviors. Nate has shared that he is “not the same person he was before” and he has attributed it to the InVision staff and program. He now enjoys going into the community more, feels more social, is happier and not angry. – Kelli P.

InVision’s Residential Program establishes collaboration between the persons we serve and the program staff who provide individual supports for them.  Together, they create a customized living environment that addresses the unique desires and needs of each individual we support.  This means that people with disabilities can live in their own homes and lead a meaningful life in their own communities.  Each home is personalized for the individual living there, and each person we support drives the process for determining where and how they live.

Heather_Q._at_2018_Pirate_Game.JPGAt the core of every success story is the partnering between the persons being supported and the InVision staff working with them. Every decision is made with respect for and in conjunction with the individual being served. InVision calls this person-directed support, and we ensure that the living environment as well as the daily life activities and routine for the person are the taken into consideration. We know how important it is for each person’s residence to truly be a home, and we go out of our way to be sure the individual’s personality shines through in these details.

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Signals Residential Program

Within the Residential Program is a highly specialized program called Signals, which is specifically for individuals with disabilities who exhibit problematic sexual behaviors.  For more information about Signals, click on the link at left.


Home is not where you live, but where they understand you. - Christian Morgenstern