Employment Supports

Brandon Working at Max and Ermas.pngJoshua took a position at a retail store where he offers maintenance services and merchandise preparation. His new job improved his self-esteem and increased his feelings of independence and confidence. These days, Joshua has an occupation and money in his pocket, just like his circle of friends, and he finally feels like "one of the guys." - provided by InVision staff in Employment Supports

At InVision, we think beyond limitations. Those who have been deemed ‘unemployable’ and who may have been rejected from traditional programs are often extremely successful in our Employment Supports program. In fact, more than 80% of the people we support in this program retain their jobs after one year, compared with the national average of 40%.

InVision Human Services Volunteering with the FirefightersOur method breaks job-seeking into five steps that are very different from traditional ways of locating employment:

  • Discovery Process – Develop a relationship with the people we support so we can learn what they want out of a career and life in general. They help us understand what will and will not work for them.
  • Discovery Profile – Create a comprehensive, written document to guide job/career development based on the information we uncover during the Discovery Process.
  • Customized Plan for Employment – Generate a plan leading to customized employment.
  • Job Development – Determine if the person we serve would meet unrecognized staffing needs, taking into consideration the conditions, preferences, and contributions identified during the Discovery Process.
  • Job Analysis – Spend time on the worksite to help ensure a smooth transition for both the employer and the new employee.

View our Employment Supports brochure by clicking the link.

"Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine." –Christopher Morcom, The Imitation Game