InVision Behavioral Health


InVision recognizes the need among people with disabilities for a comprehensive and innovative approach to mental health services. Through InVision Behavioral Health (IBH), InVision integrates both physical and mental health intervention to serve the whole person. 

IIBH_sensory_room.JPGMore than 40% of all people with intellectual or developmental disabilities struggle with mental illness versus only 19% of the general population. IBH provides vital services to people who are otherwise unable to access treatment.

IBH responds to the needs of the communities we serve and the people we support regarding psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation; this includes both individual and group psychotherapy with strategies for medication management. Staffed with licensed nursing professionals, social workers, and psychologists, IBH provides a service system that meets the unique needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, maximizing their opportunities to live full, meaningful lives.

Please contact IBH if you are concerned about psychiatric hospitalization, especially under the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, and believe that the person you support is in need of a session, or you would like consultation as to strategies/interventions you want to implement.

You can email Dr. Michael Greisler at or Darnell Davis at You can also contact IBH by telephone at 724-933-2961. Someone from IBH will contact you as soon as possible.