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2017_InVision_Open_House_Ruth_at_Podium.jpgEach program link (at left) will take you to information about the programs and services available at InVision, but the people we support are truly our best ambassadors.  On each page, you’ll find their stories.  They are at once poignant, even heartrending, yet simultaneously uplifting and encouraging.  We are constantly inspired by the people of InVision Human Services ... the people we support, our employees, and those who donate their time and money. 

You will see on these pages that the scope of services provided by InVision is not limited to geography or circumstance.  We partner with individuals of all walks of life who are either experiencing significant challenges in life or who wish to work with people who are in that situation.


"We wouldn't have gotten to where we are today if we weren't willing to change [referring to providers' adaptability]."  –Nancy Thaler, Deputy Secratary, PA Office of Developmental Programs