Everyday Heroes

Each month we will be hightlighting Direct Support Professionals, or Everyday Heroes, whose names are submitted by their peers, managers, supervisors, and/or any other employee of InVision Human Services or InVision Customized Services. 


Who can be recognized? Any ICS Direct Support Professional. 

Who can submit names? Anyone in the InVision family of companies – a peer, Team Lead, Supervisor, IHS employee – can submit the name of a Direct Support Professional. (DSPs may not submit their own names.) 

How does it work? Have you ever been impressed by the way a DSP handled a difficult situation? Have you seen the way a person supported in ICS lit up because a DSP tirelessly helped them to accomplish one of their goals? Maybe you've noticed a DSP displaying qualities consistent with our core values. 


Using the new form below, you can nominate a DSP that is going above and beyond, exemplifying any of our Core Values, etc. You will be asked to describe the reason for the recognition and the name/email of the DSP. Please note that the story/reason for the recognition does not need to have taken place in the week of your recognition. On the 25th of each month, one of the names that were submitted will be randomly chosen and will receive recognition in The InVisionary and on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Any submissions made on or after the 25th of any given month, will be included in the next month's nominations.