About Our Logo

In 2010, InVision Human Services changed its corporate structure from a single company (founded in 1992 as SharpVisions) to a multi-entity corporation that now includes a parent company, a flagship subsidiary, a foundation, and a global partnership, and it allows for future subsidiaries and partnerships. That restructuring process included making a name change and designing a new logo.

InVision's logo captures the essence of who we are and why we exist and includes these key elements: 

·The new name, InVision Human Services, comprises the two most distinctive, and perhaps the most important, components of how we do business:  Innovation and Vision. Throughout our family of companies, we embody innovation in our approaches to problem-solving, and we share the vision of a meaningful life with those we serve in our flagship company and with our employees, donors, and global neighbors.

·The "motion logo" (referring to the two wavy lines above the words) signifies the synergistic relationship we have with all the people and businesses with whom we interact.

·The two colors/lines of the motion logo represent our family of companies and the people with disabilities whom we support in our flagship company. You'll note that the two lines are woven together and their colors complement each other. In our work, there is no leader and no follower; we are partners with the people we support. One is not independent of the other; we work together to achieve all goals.

·The vibrant color green symbolizes energy and success. It is also associated with natural beauty and a balanced environment. All these characteristics weave together in the way we strive to do business every day.

Ruth_Siegfried_InVision_Human_Services_Equestrian.jpgAnd now, something very special that you would not know without reading this little story. The motion logo was based on the synergistic relationship an equestrian has with her horse. You may or may not know that InVision's Founder and President/CEO, Ruth E. Siegfried, is an accomplished and prize-winning equestrian. The wavy lines are intentionally reminiscent of the shape of a horse's back, and they intertwine exactly as a rider and horse must connect, emotionally and physically, in order to be successful in their partnership, in the arena, over a jump, and on the cross country course.

The InVision logo speaks directly to how we do business, and it also speaks directly to the passion, determination, tenacity, and devotion our founder has for the people we support, for our companies, and for her avocation as an equestrian as well.

So you see, there's a lot more to our logo than some curvy lines and the color green. In fact, there's a purpose to every line, color, and word.